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Web design and SEO for a Seminole The Book

For Seminole, I created the website, manage social media, blogging and digital advertising.  Seminole opened my eyes to the challenges that self-published authors face in promoting their work: creating a professional online presence, establishing awareness and developing sales.  Writing the book is just the start.  Seminole is a fantastic story of historical significance.  After reading it, I knew that I had to leverage my talents to help other self-published authors make the world aware of their work(s).

Web design and SEO for an independent, affiliate book site that spotlights nonprofessional authors

Best Independent Books is an affiliate site featuring a modern, clean design and SEO optimized.  BestIndeBooks is a joint venture with a mission to promote exciting books from self-published, first time or nonprofessional writers. 

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Web design and SEO for a manufacturer's rep organization in the public sector

I worked with the Lab Resources team to modernize their new site.  After looking at competitors within their industry sector, I knew immediately what I wanted to do to make their site stand-out and be a resource for existing and prospective clients with modern design aesthetics.  The site is feature rich with a video channel, downloadable product manuals and a blog.  I also updated their social media presence and kicked off their blog with a few articles.  The site was a complete redesign and incorporated a digital marketing strategy to improve communication and search engine optimization (SEO), delivering enhanced lead development.

Web design for a legal support services company

A modern look and image rich website is imperative when engaging new clients; it's a first impression.  If you are at the top of your industry; you need an image that compliments that ranking.  I worked with the Allstar team to modernize their site with a fresh look.  Likewise, I updated some features to make the site more useful  for existing clients and more engaging for prospective clients.  

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