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Web Design


Today's content management systems (CMS), particularly Wix, deliver powerful web deign tools and other critical applications that when deployed with knowledge can help you build your digital empire.  As stated, I consider what I do the intersection between art and technology.  I design with audience, industry, form, function and SEO as key elements to help clients achieve corporate objectives, specific to web presence for results.  Web design pricing starts @ $1k!   


Websites are built to be found. Creating for you a content specific web presence across multiple channels is imperative to visibility.  That is my specialty.  Unlike other SEO companies, I will help you write and build optimized content that will get your website found and shared! I research keywords and make recommendations for website optimization, then build the (SEO) page titles, descriptions, and image text tags with the keywords and content. Additionally, I can research commonly searched topics and make recommendations to you or write the content for you.  I can help you build a web presence that positions your website to be FOUND!

social media 

Social media is a necessary and complementary element in building an audience and communicating with your customers.  Likewise, social media also plays an integral role for a strong search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, creating links and funneling traffic back to your website. Actively engaging your audience and marketing through social media platforms will expose your product or brand to thousands of potential consumers every month. I also take an active role managing social media for you (when needed) but particularly as part of a greater digital strategy.


Each day, millions of consumers look for information and seek guidance to help navigate decisions from what car to purchase to which book to read next. Blogging provides you a voice to establish authority and deliver trust for your products and information.  Blogging is a proven way to establish your product or brand and create a channel of reinforcement


Keyword research and carefully articulated articles are imperative to an effective blog site.  As with all my services, I take a lead role in helping you establish effective content direction.  I genuinely enjoy formulating strategic relevance and creating content that helps you realize your objectives.

One of the CMS tools I use is This platform is fantastic!  It has excellent features and app integrations/options. is an effective platform when utilized with appropriately.  Likewise, the back-end SEO features create links of summary/keyword content. This is a vital function.


As I said before, I take a lead role when I work with you. I design, define, create, execute, and manage your digital strategy and web presence. I also take the extra step of teaching you how to manage and update your sites if you are interested.





web design
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